Saturday, September 18, 2010


Quote from an interesting article: How to get lucky

One unlucky subject said that after adjusting her attitude -- expecting good fortune, not dwelling on the negative -- her bad luck had vanished. One day, she went shopping and found a dress she liked. But she didn't buy it, and when she returned to the store in a week, it was gone. Instead of slinking away disappointed, she looked around and found a better dress -- for less. Events like this made her a much happier person.

生活磨人,在歲月的成長中,人難免變得消極。幸運與不幸運,則在乎心境,積極的生活態度能把命運扭轉。有時候,改變自己的一些要求,並不是要你食完屎然後感恩有飯食,而是每天抱怨呱嘈,只會錯過更多更好的 alternatives 。

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